Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor

Delete the Trojan-Ransom.BAT.Scatter virus in a safe way


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Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor is a small antivirus that destroys the Trojan-Ransom.BAT.Scatter virus, which encodes your files so you can't open them without a password created by the virus itself.

If your PC has been infected by this trojan, one of the fastest and easiest solutions is to use Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor, since it's capable of destroying the virus in just seconds.

The application reverts the files back to their normal state so long as the trojan that infected the file is exactly the one mentioned, since it only has a solution for Trojan.Ransom passwords.

Once you've done a complete scan of your system, you can see the details and know which files have been infected so you can solve the problem.

Trojan-Ransom.BAT.Scatter is a very specific virus that you can destroy thanks to Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor.

Demo version limits the number of registries that can be activated.

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